Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy and Hawk (Kieth Carter)

  The "boy and hawk" image by Kieth carter was taken it 2005. Kieth Carter was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1948. He is known for his dreamlike photographs, and has won many awards such as the Universoty Professor Award, (the Lamar University's highest teaching honor).
This picture is just like most of his pictures is a Toned Gelatin-Silver Print.
This photo has a sad story behind it and has a great emotional impact, that is passed by the color values and effects that were used. The picture is unbalanced and while the top half is for the most part blank, the lower half of the image is the part that has most of the significance.
I think that the message Kieth Carter was trying to pass by this picture is that life isn't really fair and many times people get hurt when they dont diserve it.
A very big part of the picture is the fact that he put a very inocent kids in the picture. If instead he would have desided to put someone that well...  doesnt look that inocent, the picture wouldn't have that great of an emotion to it.
I think this is picture is amazing, I immediately  choose it for the critique because there's something about it that really stood out from the rest of the pictures i've seen. My only comment about it would be that the kid doesn't make it as big as it should be, and when you look at it for a while it just looks like he's holding his hand over his eye.